Thursday, September 10, 2009

My daily inspiration

I was sleepy last night when my friend buzz me on YM and talk about my line status (Purk **daily inspiration*xoxoxoxo ).

Him : I need some inspiration, I dont have any. I saw your daily inspiration line
Me : hahaha ya but I had. Plurking and writing in my blog , I can share everything there.

And then he said that writing doesnt help him, it does help some people deal with sad things and problems, but never helped him.On his opinion have a good life we need 3 things, love, health and enough money to not have to be in a constant state of worry. If any are missing life will be more difficult.

Right now he havent all 3. lack of someone that cares, brings depression, loneliness, and sad feelings. It can create health problems too, by worry and stress. And money, the God on this earth.He feel sad that life is so complicated

I just read and try to undertand his feeling at the time,this guy begin to weird again,...last time he talk about his dog who get cancer ,his slutty and liar girlfriend and also talk about his mom who never understand him. He is a sensitive person, feel things deeply, loves and pain both. I think he is one of unlucky guys in this world

Its better to go sleep and live him with all his sigh


cipu said...

itu sih karena dia gak belajar mensyukuri apa yang dimilikinya. kadang kita gak sadar akan apa yang kita miliki, dan yang kita lakukan hanya mengeluh terus menerus. I hate those who love nagging.

nonet said...

@cipu : huahahaha aku suka kata "nagging" disitu

Andri said...

hmm.. yang gw liat dari posting lo ada satu hal yang bikin gw tertarik tuh.. sebuah kata atau mungkin cocoknya kalimat yang blom pernah gw denger sebelumnya.. dan ternyata kata atau kalimat itu blom bisa gw temuin juga.. tau apa??
Anjing bisa kanker juga ya??

♥ria♥ said...

need love :h:

nonet said...

@Andri : hu'uh ada kok..
@Ria : iyah...mau kasih ??

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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