Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday trouble

I'm too lazy to get out from my warm blanket this morning .I tried to open my eyes and remain my self that I have to work this morning and imagine a lot of job must be finish today. But my eyes fall down again and my lazy other body tell my self that it will not be long its just a little while .So I slept again. I didn't know how long I was sleep when suddenly I jumped out of my bed. It seems my housemates have started leaving for work .That mean I am late for work today.

I get quick shower and left immediately. The house keeper looked at me surprisely,uncombed hair and no makeup at all, but it doesn't matter coz I feel still look pretty lol
Suck traffic is not a big problem this morning , no much car and motorbike in the road, maybe they were hiding coz saw me going through the street lol. Finally I reach office one minute before the bell rang....almost late.


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