Monday, May 30, 2011

When You Get Married ?

I have a big trouble with myself today,what a friend said annoying me this morning.I knew it's true, but I tried to convince myself that he just wanted me do the wrong thing in my life. Yeah...he did ! I looked my self , what is lacking, am happy with that, I have my mama and a boyfriend who always assure me that he loves me more than anything.
But why it becomes a big problem in my mind ? being single is not a bad choice, I do love it. Some of friends always ask me the same question " when will u get married " ? oh come on.... I don't like that question. I don't need to share it with you, its my own business. I asked them back sometimes
"Are you happy with your marriage ?" that's a simple question but they difficult to answer it.Yeah you really wrong friends if you think being a wife is everything.

Sometimes we think too much what should people say if we don't have a partner without thinking what's in the next ? we only want people around us to be happy. It's a big mistake I think, we don't need to be hurry, let it flow and be sure that all will be beautiful in its time. We need someone to share with...its true but get married is not the only way.


Davidfern said...

yes, it's not that easy living in this life isn't it len, especially when we finally found the fact of "there's no free lunch in this life". We have to pay the price to get anything, including happiness n satisfaction. an expert says that happiness is not a destiny, but actually is a process... a process of getting somewhere. Just don't stop moving len, u're in a middle of the process, keep learning from it n get better n stronger. u can do it.

Mamisinga said...

Big hug for you!! I like the question, "Are you happy with your marriage?" LOL mengena banget LOL.. nendang banget fufufufu,,, :c:

Lagian mending pelan-pelan asal asik daripada keburuburu tapi akhirnya cere. Ya ga ya ga?

Corat - Coret [Ria Nugroho] said...

bener len aku jg merasa terganggu ditanyain terus kapan nikah :k:

nonet said...

@ Ferimalwa : yes bro u rite, thanks for the advice :)

nonet said...

@Mamisinga : Lol ..yeah sista males banget deh klo dah nanya2 begitu. I am single, I am happy, ya ga ya ga ? hahahaha *berpelukannnn*

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